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Laser Surface Treatment and Micro-Welding
In 2000, Yiu Hwa Tech. Introduced the laser treatment for surface solutions of metal material and then the micro welding for precision join of metals in 2001 in Taiwan.Now, we provide industries laser processing and engineering for surface modification, metallurgical bonding coating, micro welding with no dimension distortion or little distortion on used or new parts.



Laser processes
Laser Heat Treating: Metallurgical phase change in solid state is performed by high-energy laser beam with rapid heating and solidification rate. That can yield 15% greater hardness than conventional heat treatment.
Laser Cladding: Metal or/and ceramic additions are made to a shallow melted region of substrate surface and metallurgical bonding between the two materials is created. It is able to solve wear and high temperature applications like abrasion, erosion and/or corrosion.
Laser Alloying: Metal or/and ceramic additions are made to a melted region of substrate surface and new alloy is created on the surface. It is able to solve the problems in wear and high temperature applications.
Laser Welding: A Thin layer of the surface is melted and joined with rapid solidification and with little dimension change. It is suitable for the join with different metals.


Very low heat affected zoneo
Minimal dimension distortiono
Fine microstructureoMetallurgical bondingo
Possible high quality refurbishment and surface modificationo
Revolutionary concept for part design and part refurbishmento
Suitable for the materials including steel, stainless steel, iron base alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, nickel base alloy, cobalt base alloy and other metals or alloy

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